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Rad Review: First Gokin Krang


Behold Krang in all his android¬†body glory! Ever since 1992 when the first Krang in android body was released we TMNT fans have been eagerly anticipating the be-all-end-all update to this incredible…

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Rad Review: Slash (2014)


The new releases for the Nickelodeon TMNT series are hitting stores alongside the movie releases. Included in this release, Slash! Raph’s pet turtle mutated into a giant enemy of the turtles. MSRP:…

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Rad Toy Review: Turtle Sub (2014)


Nickelodeon TMNT Turtle Sub Rad Review MSRP: $19.99 Released: 2014 Rarity: Common Relatively cheap price point Included scuba Donatello figure which fits inside the sub Launching missile and opening sub mouth Weak…

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