LoeB Post: “Why Did I Buy That?!”



Week 2 of the return of the League of Extraordinary Bloggers!

So, why did I buy that? There have been a few regretful purchases in my collecting madness but like the Sinatra song goes, “Regrets, i’ve had a few, but then again too few to mention”. Unlike old blue eyes I will mention mine in the form of a top 5 list.

genesis xmen

5. X-Men (Toy Biz)

During the first Toy Biz run of the X-Men damn near every character was created in some form. There were a lot of great releases but a lot of garbage as well. Who really wants/needs a Genesis or Quark? The worst though was probably how many Wolverine variants there were!

wwf stomp

4. Wrestling Toys

Okay this one is tough because some of these are really cool and some are incredible bad. During the late 90’s wrestling was big again and my brother and I were 100% hooked. We bought all the figures from the big names like the Rock and Sting (no we were not choose sides during the Monday night wars) to straight up nonsense like wrestlers wearing armor. I sold off the bulk of the junk some years ago but kept a portion.


3. Spawn, darn near everything Spawn related.

So back in the 90’s there was a comic book boom and leading that boom was a few creator owned titles from Image Comics and one of the biggest was a book called Spawn. With this success came a LOT of toys and a lot of collector insanity for them. I bought a good amount of the stuff from the early figures to the later unarticulated “toy statues”. Most have been banished to eBay sales but I did keep a select few. I know I am not the only one who got caught up in this!


2. DVD’s

Gah what a waste! Should have just kept all my VHS tapes. Did not fall for this again with Blu-Ray though.

austin powers

1. Austin Powers Figures

Yeah I am that guy who bought these AND kept them on card for a decade. Sure the movie was good but the toys, what was I thinking? Now they still sit there staring at me begging to be released from their plastic prison. These were from McFarlane Toys with its token minimal articulation and good sculpting. Oh McFarlane we just want toys that can move!

All in all I don’t think I have too many big regrets in my purchasing history. As lame as some of these are there is sliver of interest for most, if not for the collecting community than just personally. Name your most regretful purchase in the comments!

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  • y.f.n.jman

    flippin awesome! i’ve got a bunch of these myself. dead on with the Spawn figures. some of them were cool, but most? why did i buy them, indeed!

    • Those damn Spawn figures went from red hot collectibles to ice cold junk rather quick. I feel bad for the people who spent ungodly amounts on everything including variants.

  • Erik Johnson

    Speak for yourself, I’m still in the process of upgrading from VHS to DVD. Thankfully the passage of 15 years has made DVD copies easier to find and cheaper to afford.

    • Waiting was a wise choice. a $10 DVD beats a $20+ DVD any day.

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  • Cool and Collected

    I see Spawn toys everywhere I go. It’s a shame to leave them behind because they really do look good, but what would I do with them? I disagree with you on the DVDs though — I still scoop them up by the handful if the price is right. 😉

    • I keep hearing that regarding DVD’s. I guess I prefer having everything in digital form now and not cluttering up my shelves in the basement. I do still have a good number of box sets and special edition DVD’s though.

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  • Nick D

    What about the Ninja Turtles Van DVD set? That can’t be a waste right? I wanted to get it when it came out and now it’s 500 bucks on amazon. I guess that ship has sailed.

    • Special box sets and special interest stuff I do grab when I can, I tend to shy away from movie releases. That box set was a good one and I SHOULD have grabbed it when it was around! Kicking myself now.