1993 TMNT BK Kids Club Adventures


Get Turtle-Ized! To continue looking back on the BK Kids Club (see previous post) let us take a look at something we all took for granted back in the day when chowing down on fries and flat hamburgers, the BK Kids Club Adventures magazine! This one is a goodie in […]

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Top 15 80′s and 90′s Board Games


It was a board game bonanza! The late 80′s and early 90′s were a renaissance of board games and I feel privileged to have been a kid at this time. We all played the basic stuff like Monopoly, Sorry, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Battleship sure but there was so much […]

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Revoltech Nickelodeon TMNT


*drool* Seriously look at these things they are amazing. News around the turtleverse indicated we will have a set of Revoltech TMNT coming our way. Details are super slim but the pictures say it all. Unbelievable articulation, cartoon accurate, extra heads, bases, hell there is even a pizza accessory! Are […]

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Pizza Thrower: A History of Reuse


TMNT Product Recycling Toy companies love to reuse products and pieces as much as they can, it is money in their pockets. While the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy line was undoubtedly very original and darn near every sculpt was an original but that is not to say things […]

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Rad Toy Review: Turtle Sub (2014)


Nickelodeon TMNT Turtle Sub Rad Review MSRP: $19.99 Released: 2014 Rarity: Common Relatively cheap price point Included scuba Donatello figure which fits inside the sub Launching missile and opening sub mouth Weak paint applications and no included stickers Hollow insides with no sculpting Too darn small Conclusion: While a fun […]

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Ninja Turtles Movie Toys Revealed

movie ninja turtles michael bay toys 1

Summer Ninja Turtles Toys Pics So here we have them, the new Ninja Turtles movie toys in all of their glory (or not). Judging from the pics we are not going to have very articulated figures and well the designs speak for themselves. Have a look at the gallery and […]

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Pizza Point Tee!


Preorder a Pizza Point Designed by Me! You remember those cool pizza points on the back of TMNT toys from back in the day? Now you can have a giant one word across your chest! Top Hat Sasquatch and I have teamed up to offer this shirt but ONLY if […]

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