Life-Size TMNT Pizza Thrower is REAL

TMNT life size pizza thrower sdcc

This is beyond cool! Pizza Hut has commissioned Synn Labs and their affiliate Special Effects Unlimited to make a life-size Pizza Thrower from the original TMNT toy series that…wait for it…actually throws pizzas! Not only that but this rad machine moves and can allegedly hit up to 75MPH, did I […]

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Tis a Shellabration


Shellabration Time! 31 Days of TMNT Strange Kids Club is having 31 days of turtle power over on their website. The month of July will be packed with great stuff including a guest post from yours truly, Mr Crooked Ninja. I can’t say what I will be writing but I […]

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TMNT Toy Visual Checklists

Nielsen 88-98 POSTER 1

I ran across a cool blog recently from artist/designer Chris Nielsen and discovered some really incredible visual checklists he created for the TMNT toy universe from the original 1988 series all the way up to the current Nickelodeon series! He really did an amazing job of creating these and gets […]

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TMNT Documentary Hits This August

Turtle Power   Official Trailer  HD    YouTube

Long awaited Ninja Turtles documentary FINALLY has a release date! August 12th people! That’s right in a few short weeks we will finally get to see this promising documentary from the people over at FauxPop. For now check out the official trailer:

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TMNT Banished Fan Film


Indiegogo Campaign Launched Film maker and TMNT fan Benjamin Eck has a vision of a dark storyline involving Raph being exiled from the team. The teaser trailer below gives us a hint of his vision and I think it shows a lot of promise! And look at that Raph actually […]

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Rad Review: Playmates Mouser 7-Pack


TMNT Mousers 7-Pack The first thing that needs to be known is why on earth I waited so long to open these? Seriously this is the release TMNT fans have been eagerly anticipating for about 25 years. Sure we got the vintage Playmates Wacky Action Mouser which was very cool […]

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